Touring in SEPTEMBER 2017


Bill Massey’s Tourists

Written & performed by Jan Bolwell
Directed by Kerryn Palmer 

“A terrific script. A great performance.
A tale well told. Knocked me for six.”

(Raymond Hawthorne: veteran Auckland theatre director)

Bill Massey’s Tourists has left audiences weeping and laughing up and down the country.

Bolwell plays her adolescent self, trying to get her grandfather Arthur to talk about his war. After much pestering, he succumbs. What follows is a gripping, painful and sometimes hilarious tale of a young Kiwi soldier from the Otago Mounted Rifles (one of Bill Massey’s Tourists) who with his mate Cyril, survives the terrible tragedy of Passchendaele.

The play is enlivened with dance sequences set to amusing and original WW1 soldiers’ ditties and First World War poems.

“This exceptional performer, Jan Bolwell, is blessed with an irrepressible joie-de-vivre that communicates itself instantly to the audience, so that her grandfather’s war story is illuminating and memorable, but also surprisingly enjoyable.”

Terry MacTavish Theatreview 2014